“Since I began working with you, I have lost about 15 lbs, fit into all of my old clothes with room to spare, and I completed my first seven day cleanse ever.  Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for you, your program, insight, knowledge and treatment.  Thank you!”

“It has taken a long time to put these pounds on, and with Sheri’s help I am learning how to take them off the smart, healthy, sustainable way.”

“I am in a completely different place than I was when I started with Sheri.  Throughout the past six months, I have dropped five pounds, reduced my cholesterol by 40 points, and dramatically improved both my physical and emotional state.  It is obvious Sheri’s clients are more than clients to her.  With her help, I learned how to finally improve my health in a smart, sustainable way.”

“I have to tell you that I went bathing suite shopping yesterday and everything fit!”

“Since I started this program, I never feel bloated.  I finally feel comfortable and happy in my clothes, and our sessions together give me the motivation to keep feeling that way.”

“I have just started to work with Sheri, and I can attest that she offers truly unique handouts and ideas along with enthusiasm. Over the years, I’ve read numerous tips for attaining better health but she has already meted out new, valuable nuggets.”

“Committing to this program was just that: a commitment that I felt responsible for.  I felt that if I didn’t commit to the things we discussed, I would be letting both of us down.  And I like that, because it helped me create goals that I had to work hard to attain.  And every time I reached a small goal over the past six months, I felt really good about myself.  I am positive that with Sheri’s program I would be in a terrible physical and emotional state right now.”

“Without Sheri’s help, my total cholesterol wouldn’t have dropped so much in one year!”

“Now, instead of counting calories, I think to myself ‘how will this food nourish me’?  It’s made a huge difference and is finally giving me freedom from worrying about food.”

“As I am getting older, I realize that taking better control of my health is more difficult and really requires much more attention than I had been giving my body and mind.  Now, with Sheri’s help, I am better prepared to focus on giving myself the attention I need to get my health under control, and I now have the tools I need to do that.  I am determined to maintain the progress I have made!”

“This is better than a diet.”

“Sheri is a wonderful teacher, and her enthusiasm is infectious.”

“It is obvious Sheri is very knowledgeable about healthy eating and has a great group of followers. I would never hesitate to have Sheri back to speak to a group about healthy living.” – Chef Georges Perrier, Le Bec Fin

“Sheri Oppenheimer was an excellent keynote speaker for our Philadelphia International Special Events Society monthly meeting.  Sheri provided us with great tips for healthy living and did so in a very entertaining and interactive manner.  We learned things not only for ourselves but to add value for our customers.  I would recommend Sheri to any group looking for a speaker.” – Bob Mills, Director of Programs and Education, Philadelphia ISES

“Thank you so much for taking the time to spend with me yesterday at Wegman’s.  I learned so much about healthy food choices and had a great time as well.  You are an amazing teacher!”

“I enjoyed learning more about health and what I can do to be healthier in my everyday life.  I also enjoyed asking health questions I was curious about, and see how I can improve my energy and feel better all around by learning more.”