Phentermine 30 mg – Is This Rapid Weight Loss Technique Worth It?

Phentermine 30 mg – Is This Rapid Weight Loss Technique Worth It?

In order to be able to maintain good health today, sometimes it becomes necessary to take certain prescription drugs on a certain basis. One such drug, phentermine 30 mg, is an example of one of these products. Our main article is more comprehensive. Check it out!

Phentermine 37.5 mg is a stimulant drug that shares some similar to amphetamines and has the sole purpose of acting like an appetite suppressor, meaning it decreases cravings for people that take it. If used properly with proper dieting and exercising, the main effect of taking phentermine 30mg is that it can combat high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and fight obesity overall.

However, as with any other drug or form of medication, there are multiple side effects that can result from taken this substance, especially with repeated use over a longer period of time. Common side effects can range from having a dry mouth, some itching, skin rashes and even changes in sexual behavior. These especially can either increase or decrease one’s interest in having sex, as well as even losing or gaining strength in sexual performances. Some of these effects, however, can be more serious and involve instances that include chest paints, dizziness, fainting, headaches, trouble breathing or maintaining a steady posture or numbness in the arms and legs in some instances.

Many of these side effects generally impact the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems of the human body. For example, a rise in blood pressure and increased heart palpitations can result of taking phentermine though it is not a definite thing. In the nervous system, aside from headaches, feelings of euphoria, dysphoria and even insomnia can occur from taking the drug, followed by increased anxiety as well.

Depending on the age, weight, and history of health of whoever takes this drug, it varies on whether anyone should worry about the side effects of it. A person who has a history of heart disease, or any type of disease that impacts the cardiovascular system as a whole, including high blood pressure, should simply avoid taking this drug. A woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding should also stand clear of this, as should anyone who may have had a history of drug or alcohol abuse, as this is likely to augment any side effects that can result from using phentermine.

Overall, phentermine is a generally safe drug to use but should be used very sparingly under certain conditions, much like any other prescription drug on the market.

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