Phentermine Without Prescription – Is This Illegal?

Phentermine Without Prescription – Is This Illegal?

I’m not going to bore you with basic phentermine 37.5 information.

It Is Possible

I personally would not purchase a phentermine product online. However, it seems like it can be done. A United States website would quickly be taken down if reported to the proper authorities. Therefore, any site that is selling real phentermine without a prescription is located outside of the United States. The problem here is that these specific countries have very relaxed drug laws. The whole situation is more about making money than about actually protecting its citizens.

Also, if you try to get phentermine 37.5 without a prescription, you face quality control problems. You can’t know for sure how good the item will be. In addition, a seller may tell you that you can get a refund if the product doesn’t work for you. However, this does not always work for a couple reasons:

  • A seller can close up shop and leave all purchasers out of luck in terms of refunds
  • A seller technically does not have to issue a refund as they do not have to abide by United States laws.

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Online Vendors Can’t Always Be Trusted

I’ll begin with a few reasons why:

  • They’re trying to make a quick buck
  • They only stick around long enough to make some money and exit the market
  • They know they’re selling a harmful, and even potentially lethal drug
  • They will mail the product to United States customers even though it’s illegal to have in the country

A few, honest sellers may let you know upfront that you cannot legally possess the drug inside the U.S. At this point, they absolve any responsibility and ensure that they will not be held responsible for any negative effects.

What’s worse is that it is not necessary for them to inform you of the possible deadly side effects of phentermine. There’s a good reason it can’t be sold within the country. It’s also why there are so many online storefronts offering it for sale: there is a ton of demand and money to be made.

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A seller cannot be located within the United States as phentermine’s sale within its borders it completely illegal. If a buyer does proceed with a purchase, then the seller will face no legal consequences while the buyer will be suffering the punishment. This is a perfect situation for online pharmacies who shoulder none of the risk.

Possession of Phentermine Without a Prescription Is a Criminal Offense

The bottom line is that you can’t have phentermine in your possession without risking jail time. Beware of anyone who tells you otherwise. In the foreseeable future phentermine will always require a prescription.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few websites that are preying on the people who are not aware of what’s going on. They post a ton of before and after weight loss pictures to get buyers emotional. This increased emotional state causes prospective buyers to forget to think about the details. They also use every other marketing and persuasion technique to get you to buy. In the end they’re looking for dollars, not your well-being.

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