Phentermine 37.5 Online: Is It Legal?

Phentermine is a popular diet drug and appetite suppressant. For this reason many online vendors have popped up with offers of online ordering and mailing. Sometimes they even offer money-back guarantees so they have to be legitimate, right?

Counterfeit Phentermine

The first problem is that you can never know if you’re actually being sold real phentermine or not. The easiest thing for these vendors to do is write small print stating that you won’t actually receive a real product. Also, the placebo effect can be strong in some cases. It’s possible you could be taking a harmful product thinking it’s working as intended.

Another trick that can be employed is using a very small amount of the main ingredient. This way the online seller of phentermine 37.5 has no obligation to write small print stating that it’s not as advertised. Although the product does contain the proper ingredients, it will have no effect on your fat loss.

Many of these online sellers are also located outside of the United States. They can scam customers outright and nothing will happen to them. In these cases the only option is to issue a chargeback which could have a negative impact on your credit history.

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Selling Phentermine Online Is Illegal

On the other hand some vendors may be selling real phentermine. No matter what the seller says, you cannot purchase phentermine without a prescription legally. It could be legal to sell from their location which is why they’re able to stay in business. They may even assure you that you can purchase it legally. The truth is that Phentermine is a Schedule IV drug and possession of it could result in significant jail time.

If for some reason, the online retailer is located in the US, then buying from them would be no better than buying from a drug dealer at a street corner. However, this is unlikely to occur as it would be easier for them to be caught if they have a website.

Extreme Side Effects Require Doctor Supervision

The FDA has proven several times that Phentermine has a high chance to cause serious side effects. One of the side effects can cause heart valve issues. It’s a much more powerful stimulant than caffeine so if you have previous heart issues, you shouldn’t take caffeine let alone a strong diet drug.

Major side effects can occur at any time. Because of this, you should be visiting a doctor regularly so your health can be monitored.

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You must be careful if you try to buy Phentermine online. It is not legal to buy without a prescription in the United States. Some sellers will sell you a fake product or may tell you that the whole process is legal.

The FDA has identified major side effects with this drug’s use so the best solution is to visit a doctor. A doctor has the power to write you a prescription so you can get phentermine legally. Also, your health can be monitored while using the drug.

It is simply in your best interest to not purchase phentermine online.


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