Find Out How to Purchase Phentermine 37.5 mg

Find Out How to Purchase Phentermine 37.5 mg

You may have been led to believe that you can purchase phentermine 37.5 mg online. In this post I’ll explain why that can’t be done. I’ll also let you in on the secrets of online pharmacies. General information about phentermine 37.5.

Why It’s Impossible (or Very Risky At Least)

Phentermine has been classified as a Schedule IV drug by the DEA. That means it has the same classification as the more popular drugs, Xanax and Valium. Although it doesn’t quite cause the extent of mind-altering effects as those drugs, phentermine is dangerous in its own right.

For a bit of background, phentermine has a significant chance of causing heart problems in users. Basically, it’s as deadly as other drugs are addictive. And in this case it’s better to be addicted than to be dead. Phentermine should only be used as a last resort.

What this means is that phentermine for weight loss is and probably never will be available over-the-counter again.

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Why You Have Been Led to Believe It Is Possible

Along with the growth of the internet, online pharmacies have been popping up everywhere. I assure you that they’re mostly filled with empty promises. A lot of them offer prescription-only drugs for sale. You should be quite skeptical of these pharmacies because they’re targeting the United States where the sale and purchase of these drugs is illegal.

First, they could be offering genuine products. These means they are black market operators. This makes them no better than street corner drug dealers. Second, they may be selling the product with a minimal amount of the active ingredient. This allows them to legally state they’re selling the drug, but the dosage simply will not work. Finally, they can sell a placebo. This allows them to satisfy the government and the purchaser. They can prove to the government that they aren’t selling illegal phentermine, and they can lie to the customer about the true nature of what’s being sold.

Also, many online pharmacies don’t stay around forever. Some disappear while others are created. This demonstrates that these companies are not seeking a long term profit. There is a powerful incentive to make as much profit as possible and exit the online market.

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The Only, Legal Method of Obtaining Phentermine

To be clear you cannot purchase phentermine 37.5 mg online legally. The only way to get it is to schedule an appointment with your doctor. At your appointment your doctor will determine if he or she is willing to write you a prescription for such a powerful diet pill.

There is no guarantee that you’ll receive a prescription. There a variety of factors that come into play when your doctor makes this decision. First, they’ll compare your body fat levels with the danger of the drug. Being too overweight is a health risk in itself so in extreme situations the risk of phentermine may be worth it.

Additionally, your doctor may assess how hard you’ve tried to lose weight previously. I would not recommend seeing your doctor if you have not tried diet, exercise, and possibly some over-the-counter supplements or drugs. Again, prescription diet pills are looked upon as a last resort by the medical community, and for good reason. Being a few pounds overweight won’t hurt you in the short term, but drugs like Adipex-P or Suprenza could.

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